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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Multimedia Workflow and Procedure

Posted by Cameron T. Brown

Media Creation

Gather instructions and interview client

     • Deadline
     • Method of Delivery (upload website, email attachment, messenger file share, other)
     • Client Budget
     • Tools to be use (Software, General Media Template, General Procedure Template)
          o Tools already owned
          o Tools that will be provided by Client
          o Tools that can be acquired online
          o Tools that must be purchased
     • Target Audience
     • Mood
     • Materials to include - Animations, Effects, Transitions, Images, Illustrations,
        Video, Script, Text, Audio (Music, Sound fx, VO)
          o Materials already owned
          o Materials to be provided by client
          o Materials to be found online
          o Materials to be purchased
     • General Media Template
          o Templates already owned
          o Templates to be provided by Client
          o Templates to be found online
          o Templates to be purchased
     • Decide Client Expenses
     • Decide Contractor Expenses
     • Run Time Length
     • Number of Slides
     • File size limits
     • Output format - pptx, pdf, doc, etc (if video, see Procedure - Video)
     • Client Ideas and Expectations

Calculate Work Time and /hr charges

Formulate detailed plan

     • Tools to be used and order of use
     • General Media Template to be used
     • What Materials are needed
          o Animations
          o Effects
          o Transitions
          o Images
          o Illustrations
          o Video
          o Script
          o Text
          o Audio (Music, Sound fx, VO)
     • Specific sources of Tools, Materials, and etc
          o Already owned
          o Provided by client
          o Found online
          o Purchase
     • Special Considerations
     • Customize step by step procedures
          o Substance Summary - How to arrange and combine materials
          o Action Summary - How materials will interact. What animations / motions will occur
          o Arrange in steps based on General Execution Procedure Template
     • Decide work schedule (work hours and work days)
     • Delivery

Communicate all details to client and adjust if needed

Finalize and begin Plan execution

     • Gather Tools
     • Gather materials
     • Customize General Media Template
          o Substance Summary - How to arrange and combine materials
          o Action Summary - How materials will interact. What animations / motions will occur
     • Apply Text to presentation
     • Format Text
     • Apply Image / Video to presentation
     • Format Image / Video
     • Apply Animations
     • Format Animations
     • Apply Transitions
     • Final Formatting of all slides and Materials

Update Client daily and make adjustments if needed

Finish Plan and provide client with product for review

Make changes if needed

Make final deliveries or send closing messages to client

     • Thank client
     • Make double sure client is fully satisfied
     • Ask for feedback, testimonial, contact info and permission to use as reference,
        letter of recommendation
     • Offer future services in multimedia and other areas of freelance work

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cover Letter

Posted by Cameron T. Brown

Greetings Client,

What can be done for you?

Why come to me to complete your Multimedia projects?

Here it is...

I can fully read your instructions, ideas, and suggestions so as to fully understand your needs and expectations. I can also take a look at example video links that you provided. I can then craft an original plan specifically for you and you and your particular project. This means a customized service tailored just for you.

I look for good clients who have great projects. I am especially interested in working with clients who have detailed procedures and the efficient planning. I respect that because most clients are very vague in what they want and also because I try to be detailed and professional when dealing with all my clients. I love to work for people who have the specifics of your own project figured out so that I can...

1) Immediately know what is expected of me.
2) Spend less time trying to interpret their needs.
3) Deliver fast and before the deadline.
4) Be sure to deliver an item that suits their needs.

I feel confident that I can beat your deadlines, because I have recently been setting my own deadlines within 24-48 hrs and still I have been able to deliver complete powerpoint screencast videos. Therefore, I feel that it won't be a challenge to suit your needs.

If you need a few references from past buyers about my speed in delivering presentation videos, I might even be able to get you the contact info from previous buyers who were satisfied with both the quality and speed of my work and you can ask them yourself.

My only appeal to you is that you take a look at my profile at oDesk, Elance, and also see my portfolio. That's it...

So, see the samples, past work experience, feedbacks, ratings, test scores, and whatever else you feel the need to examine in order to decide whether or not I am worthy of the job.

Check out my Resume PowerPoint

And also please see this link to a list of Portfolio Demos

If you want to contact me so that I can provide you with more info, then feel free to drop me a message:

YM ID: bcam360
Skype ID: cameron.torrell.brown

What it all boils down to is that this looks like a good project for me, and you need a person who really does care about doing the job fast (and I want to do this job to your satisfaction, because I want your repeat business in the near future).

I hope that this is enough to place me within your considerations and that everything else can be worked out from there. Thanks for your time. If for some reason you don't choose me for your project right now (but I really hope you will), please know that I am available at any time to complete other projects as well - both video related and other multimedia.

Again, thank you for your time and attention. I will look forward to working with you soon!

Cameron T. Brown
Freelance Professional
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